Why are Adult only hotels your perfect idea of vacationing?

Wish to have a perfect getaway with your beau far from the noisy tantrums of your little ones? Then it is time to look around for adult-only hotels and resorts in your dream location. Thanks to the booming adults-only hotel industry, one can now pick up their desired locations to unwind and recharge. Online travel websites and adult site broker can now guide you to your desired destination with utmost ease, as many of these locations have opened up adult-only packages for their visitors. Read the full list here to know the top adults-only hotels available in Canada.
Adults only hotel provides the perfect solace to visitors who prefer having a quiet and peaceful time together. An ideal getaway for couples looking out for honeymooning, these hotels can benefit travelers in many other ways. Find out how the adults-only hotels can become your perfect idea of a comfortable vacation.

Benefits of choosing an adults-only hotel

Adults-only hotels offer comfortable vacationing without having to be bothered about noisy kids scampering around the hotel premises. The visitors can also have a relaxed and comfortable time in their rooms and enjoy the numerous benefits provided by the hotels or resorts. The concept that stemmed during the 1970s has had no looking back ever since its inception. Various hotels now offer exclusive benefits for the couples who vacation there. Here is more to it.

  • Primarily situated in remote locations, the privacy offered by these hotels is first-class. Couples can spend a relaxing time together; least bothered about the prying eyes. The remote locations also keep visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the city traffic, allowing them to experience tranquility.
  • Another great benefit of opting for an adult’s only hotel is the luxurious amenities offered by them. Almost all the hotels provide spas, entertainment activities, and sporting provisions exclusively for adults.
  • For those looking out for romantic breaks, adults-only hotels come with numerous couple-oriented services like Jacuzzi baths, isolated villas, and even couple massages. Opting for a romantic break at an adults-only hotel would be the best gift for your partner.

Booming Adults only hotel industry

Recent years have witnessed a steady surge in the adults-only hotel industry, with bookings almost multiplying three times than the past years. Although the concept has been in the market for more than four decades, there is a stunning increase in patronage in recent years. The surge can be attributed to the fabulous amenities and ambiance these hotels offer. Customized packages make the stay even more comfortable and luxurious.
Europe is a booming destination for adults-only hotels, with Spain and Croatia leading the other nations in this venture. Bali in Asia is also a hot destination for honeymooning couples. Most of these hotel chains are popular for their private beaches, Jacuzzis in bedrooms, butlers, and swimming pools. Although a bit high on the cost, the adults-only hotel provides customized services and is the perfect getaway for young couples. An estimated 600 such establishments are currently in operation worldwide, although most of them have smaller facilities. These locations are strictly out of bounds for children, making the whole experience of private vacationing utterly exciting.

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