A few Bamboo sheet facts you ought not to miss

Contemplating about trading your cherished cotton sheets with soft and mushy bamboo sheets? Then you have landed right. This article deeply delves into the umpteen benefits of bamboo sheets and the reasons why the fabric is a better choice than cotton sheets. Also, find a full list here that describes six fabulous comforter and bed sheet choices that can make your summers cooler.

Although bamboo fabric has been in the market for a few years, the usability and the benefits of bamboo fabrics vary enormously for different products. It is found that bamboo sheets are more eco-friendly and are softer than other products, which are deemed rough after a few uses. There is also a considerable difference noted between various types of bamboo materials used to make fabric products.

Here is all you need to know about the benefits of bamboo fabrics as bed linens and mattresses.

What are bamboo linens and their benefits?

Bamboo sheets, clothing, and pillows are made from three types of bamboo fabrics. They are Viscose from bamboo, Bamboo linen, and rayon from bamboo. Bamboo fabrics are produced after subjecting bamboo to various chemical and mechanical processes. First, the bamboo as a whole is crushed into pulp in the mechanical process and is further broken down with natural enzymes in the retting and washing process. The resultant product thus obtained is known as bamboo linen.

Bamboo linen has a natural antibacterial property, apart from being stronger, softer, and durable. However, they are also more expensive than normal fabrics and are mostly used in making expensive clothing and bedsheets.

While it is true that the fabrics are expensive and burns a hole in buyer’s pockets, the advantages of bamboo linens over cotton sheets are innumerable. Understand a few exceptional benefits of bamboo sheets over cotton sheets.

How are bamboo sheets better than cotton sheets?

Bamboo sheets are softer than cotton sheets.

Words would be less to describe the softness of a bamboo sheet. The softness of the fabric is often compared to that of Silk and Cashmere. Some of the softest bed sheets are made of 100 % bamboo. Bamboo linen makers are so highly assured that some even provide a lifetime warranty for their products.

Bamboo linens are breathable.

Breathability is a feature that makes bamboo linen par higher in quality than its counterparts. The moisture-wicking ability of bamboo linens often makes these fabrics the best product in summers. It is also worthy to note that the breathability property of the bamboo sheets is natural, making them even more noble and reliable.

Bamboo sheets are naturally cooler.

Besides the breathability property, bamboo sheets are also known for their natural coolness. The fabrics made from bamboo keep you cooler, drier in summer, and warmer in winter. As a result, bamboo fabrics are now the favorite alternative to cotton fabrics worth investing in irrespective of the season.

Bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic.

The natural presence of hypoallergic chemicals in bamboo makes these products resistant to all kinds of allergies and insects. In addition, hypoallergenic properties do not require the fabrics to be treated with harsh chemicals, making them extremely safe to use.

Bamboo sheets are durable.

Are you surprised with the 1-year warranty or a lifetime warranty tag you find with your bamboo linens? The warranty guarantees the fabric’s natural ability to withstand the test of time. The bamboo sheets can last longer if the fabric is used and cared for according to the instructions.

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