Tips on maintaining a heating and cooling system!

If you want to keep your heating and cooling unit in good condition, it is important to maintain and tuneup regularly. Ensure to read the following HVAC maintenance tips shared by the experts of heating and cooling in Hamilton.

Annual maintenance:
It is recommended to perform maintenance on at least an annual basis for the heating equipment. It helps in maintaining the efficiency level, ensuring continuous operation and safe usage of the unit in the home. Also, it is important to maintain the oil burning equipment regularly. When the oil furnace is taken care of and maintained well, it enhances longevity, efficiency and makes sure overall safety. We suggest contacting HVAC experts to find out more or learn more about other maintenance procedures.

Air filters:
The furnace air filters have to be checked once in four to six weeks. For example, if you have central air conditioning, you have to apply it throughout the summer. Clogged filters affect the airflow that passes through the cooling and heating system, making the system function harder. If the filters are clogged severely, it has the chance to overheat the unit and result in early compressor damage in the air conditioning unit. While checking the filter, you have to hold it till the light. If you cannot see the light, you have to change the filter.

Weatherizing your home:
Caulking and insulating around doors and windows to seal the cold air assists in saving energy. Duct cleaning ensures that the air flows remain free from obstructions and also aids in making an environmentally comfortable and clean living space.

Insulated water pipes and heaters:
If the hot water pipes are not insulated, they can lose heat and affect the water heater, resulting from functioning harder. By insulating the cold water pipes, you can prevent it from dripping or sweating in heated regions or freezing in the unheated regions.

Programmable thermostats:
Smart thermostats utilize Wi-Fi technology and sensors to offer automatic energy-saving alterations and maintenance alerts. The recommended temperature for the summer months is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and for the winter months, it is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. By setting the temperature below 21 degrees for four or several hours, you can reduce the energy utilization by around 2 to 2.5%. When you follow this rule throughout a year, you can reduce the heating bill by around 15%.

Programmable thermostats help in managing the heat in the home. One of the best features of programmable thermostats is you can reduce the temperature when no person is at home or when everyone is sleeping at night hours.

If you want professional assistance, ensure to research and approach a leading heating and cooling expert. They offer valuable suggestions as per your unit, model, and usability. You can also sign up for annual maintenance contracts to save money on regular servicing and tuneup. It is usually a one-time payment that covers various services. Moreover, they give a warranty for the services. What’s more? Contact an expert to know more.

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