How to maintain hedges?

One of the best substitutes for the garden fence is thick growing hedges. These are evergreen plants that offer privacy, a home for birds and several creatures, and best for wind protection. If you wish to grow and maintain hedges, it is best to get help from experts like Riverwood Landscape. We have explained the maintenance procedure as a full list here.

If you are starting by planting for the hedge, you have to dig at appropriate width and length. Most professionals determine the dimensions according to the hedge’s purpose, type, and location of foliage. An important rule you should follow is it should be 30 centimeters wider than the root ball of the plants and should be of equal depth.

Tips to maintain hedges:

Hedges are simple to maintain. Ensure to maintain the hedge watered during dry months before summer and winter. Evergreen hedges require less water than flowering or deciduous hedges. During late fall, eliminate dead weeds and wood. If possible, replace the mulch layer surrounding the hedge. If you could see some bald spots, cover with a flowering climber. Ensure to train the shoot on the empty spaces.

The first haircut of your hedge should be performed after planting. The deciduous bushes grow fast and you need to cut by half. Trim plants to maintain a consistent height.

It is recommended to trim shaped edges three times during summer and spring. The evergreen edges have to be trimmed regularly. However, do not cut old wood since the branches would get bald. After the deciduous hedge is established, prune back the fresh wood to motivate branching.

Before shearing hand prune hedges: If you wish to allow sunlight for hedges, you need to hand prune before trimming back. Create some space for air and light at each shearing. For every foot, you have to clip one or two branches for about a 45-degree angle that is in the direction you wish to grow.

Prune during winter: It is recommended to prune the hedges during winter months since you would not cut new growth and buds. You should not break bud since you require the energy of the plants to produce new growth. If you cut the plant’s bud, you may cut off the entire energy and it takes a long time for the hedge to get filled.

Hedges should be wider at the base: It is natural for the hedges to grow up and out. But you need to keep it narrow at the top. It means, the short branches will get sufficient sunlight and it does not get blocked due to the upward or outer reaching branches. No matter, the top is rounded, pointed, or flat, the sheared hedge would be narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. While shearing, you have to work toward the top and begin from the bottom.

By maintaining the hedges trimmed, it looks visually appealing and healthy. If you do not know how to maintain on your own, you can just outsource the task to landscaping experts.

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