Cosmetic Dental Procedures To Get Back Your Smile

A sparkling smile and a beautiful set of teeth is a dream for many. Shoreside Dentistry suggests that the best cosmetic dental procedures can safely bring back the smile on your face. You can find out more here about cosmetic and restorative dentistry to get the best smile and understand why it is needed. There are a few common cosmetic dental procedures commonly performed. Each has its own benefits and suits a certain condition. When you visit a dental clinic, you will be provided with options from your dentist. You need to choose the ones that best suit your budget and comfort.

If you want a quick and simple way to brighten up your smile, tooth bleaching is the most common procedure. For people who just want to brighten your teeth without any further complications, tooth bleaching is the best option. It is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures where you don’t want to make a huge commitment. It is also called tooth whitening. You can do this at the office or at home if you have the right bleach that is prescribed by the dentist. Over the counter, bleaching gels do not provide the desired result. Tooth bleaching is for those who want just to brighten their smile.

Those who have chipped teeth or deep stains, enamel bonding would be the right solution. Enamel bonding or dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses a composite bonding material that is used for a white dental procedure. This material can be mould to any shape to fit the gap your teeth has. It is ideal as it can be fitted beautifully to shape your smile. The only drawback is that it doesn’t last as long as dental veneers. The life span of enamel bonding is short and that’s the reason people choose dental veneers.

The gold standard in cosmetic dental procedures for over a decade is the one and only dental veneers. Veneers are porcelain shells that are thin enough to fit the outer surface of the teeth. It is a long procedure where an impression of your enamel is taken and sent to the lab to make a custom veneer. You will be given a temporary veneer until your permanent veneers are ready from the lab. The natural enamel of your tooth is filed down to get an impression. Veneers are ideal for those who have fractured or chipped front teeth or for people who have dark stains that don’t go away even after bleaching.

Braces are an ideal cosmetic dental treatment that can correct teeth misalignment that causes pain like a headache. It can correct the aesthetics of your smile. It is not just for kids, even adults can get braces to get a winning smile. Invisalign braces are invisible and no one can tell if you are wearing braces. Enamel abrasion is another cosmetic dental procedure that is used to remove discolouration. The procedure uses fine pumice in a machine to remove surface stains. Superficial stains from using tobacco, wine, coffee and more can be easily removed.

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