Recruiting Web Media Agencies

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Project Blue Sky are on the look out for media agencies with expertise that they can share to teach the next generation of web designers, web developers, graphic designers, video creators, seos and internet entrepreneurs.

Our aims are to connect with young people and in particular young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

One of the most powerful aspects in our transition to the information economy is that it allows people from disadvantaged backgrounds to compete globally in the workplace. Providing of course they can learn the skills required to compete.

Our remit is to connect canadian businesses with digital media experts with young people who could really do with a helping hand to develop this skills they need.

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We do this through the creation of free online learning materials, online workshops and hangouts as well as real life workshops.

If you think that your agency fits the bill and you have some time to spare. Even it’s simply 1 day per month we’d love to hear from you. 

What’s In It For You?

Aside from the warm glow of doing something good Project Blue Sky is a great opportunity to network with other digital media professionals. Some collaborations have already taken place our partners host a monthly online meetup to discuss Blue Sky projects.

On top of that participating on Project Blue Sky is something that you can be proud of and share the good news with your clients and potential clients.

We expect further business development opportunities to present as Project Blue Sky develops.


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